Building Blocks Preschool



Building Blocks came to be in the year 2000. I was a stay at home mom with four children, and my oldest was nearing age five. Each day I saw the desire to learn and grow in my children's eyes. The light that came when they learned something new or accomplished something for the first time was irreplaceable. I wanted each learning moment to build into bigger moments. I wanted to be there every step of the way and know the base of their knowledge was a strong one. Starting a preschool not only allowed me to do this for my chidren, but opened up the doors to countless children over the years. Some children went on to kindergarten reading books while others only recognized their sounds. I recognized that there were different levels of focus, different talents, and different needs for each child. They all left with a base needed to build their education and love for learning. They left knowing they were loved, knowing how to be a good friend, and ready for the elementary road ahead. We are now ready to welcome your child to come build a love for learning with us. Welcome to Building Blocks Preschool!


We have two teachers and classes of no more than 12. We are able to teach in small groups of the children as well as one on one. We encourage hands on learning through art, science, movement, song, games, repetition, and fun. We recognize birthdays and holdiays and we follow the Mesa Public Schools calendar. We welcome children ages three to five. The older help the younger and vice versa. Everyone is at different learning levels at this age, and together they build off of their own skills and the knowledge and presence of those around them. We can't wait to build a relationship with your child as we learn together.


We are an in home preschool with all the comforts of home. We want your child to feel at ease and feel happy talking, learning, and playing with us. We clean our tables, chairs, toys and room regularly. The bathroom and school room are separate from the main house. During this time of pandemic, we will use care to keep learning groups small and apart, however, one main skill of preschool is socialization. Learning to share, take turns, and play together is vital to how they will face the world when they leave us. We cannot promise no contact with others, but we will do our best to provide a safe environment for all who enter.

Mrs. Amy

I go by many names in class; teacher, Miss Amy, mom, Mrs. Trent and sometimes no name at all, just a tug on the shirt. I have taught preschool for twenty years, have worked with the children in our church for many years, am a mother to 15 and a grandma to 2. I love to help children learn. I love to see their smiles. I understand when they aren't smiling and help them to get there. I want to be there to help your child learn, love, and laugh.


I just graduated with my associate degree in psychology. I look forward to the day when I can help children in their school setting so they are comfortable and ready to learn. Until then, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here with your child. I will be there to help them understand their feelings, sound out their first words, share with their friends, and so much more.