Building Blocks Preschool


Keeping our Classroom Happy, Safe and Clean

Our teachers will be taking extra precautions to keep your children and families safe. We will check temperatures of the children as they enter with a non-touching thermometer. We ask that if your child has any symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, headache, etc. will you please keep him/her home. 

We will not require children to wear face masks. We feel at this young age, it would cause more obstacles than benefits. We do respect any parents who wish to have their child in a mask and will encourage the child to keep it on at all times. Instead of masks that will keep the children from seeing our faces, we would like to use face shields, and at times, no protection. Preschoolers need to see how to form sounds as we teach and facial expression is a big part of education at this delightful and impressionable age.

We will have hand sanitizer for children to use before beginning new activities. We have a hands free foam soap dispenser and paper towels in the restroom. 

Our toys will be limited each day. Those toys will then be sanitized while new toys are available the next day of classes. This will also provide an excitement for new toys each day and children will learn to wait for the day their favorite toys are available.

Fridays will be a deep clean day with other weekdays having routine cleaning nightly. Chairs, tables, walls, doors, etc. will be wiped down nightly. The door from the classroom to the main house will remain locked during non preschool/childcare hours to keep it germ free.

Children at this age love to play with their friends. It is a crucial part of socialization, sharing, working together, and other skills learned in preschool. We will work in small groups each day to try and keep contact to a minimum, but cannot promise a six foot (or even one foot) social distancing. Class size will not go over twelve students with two teachers.

We thank you for your support and thank you for entrusting your children in our care. Know that we will love and guide them and keep them as safe as we can.